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There is a lot of contradictory information circulating around the topic of type 2 diabetes. Cinnamuse LLC provides evidence-based supports  for the key metabolic functions that have been disrupted in the prediabetic and diabetic individual. We stock products that increase insulin sensitivity, support liver function and reduce the chronic inflammation that is responsible for insulin resistance. Each of our branded products have been certified free of fillers and adulterants by an independent laboratory. Call us on +13073630673 to learn more about our vitamins and health supplements and why they work!

Cinnamuse Protocol

Recent research conducted within the past 5 years suggests that certain pro-inflammatory molecules are responsible for triggering insulin resistance. What this means is that if we can rid clients of their chronic inflammation, we can resensitize their insulin and reverse their condition. The Cinnamuse Protocol is a blend of supplements and key lifestyle changes that when coupled together increase insulin sensitivity, boost liver performance and rid the body of chronic inflammation. 

Step 1 - Cinnamuse Pure Cinnamon. This supplement increases insulin sensitivity creating less need for the body to produce excess insulin thereby giving your pancreas a much-needed break. 

Step 2 - Cinnamuse Milk Thistle. This supplement helps to cleanse and protect the liver. The liver is the most important detoxifying organ in the body and is responsible for keeping glucose levels in the bloodstream stable. By implication a type 2 diabetic has a liver that is not functioning properly. When the liver is once again working optimally it can store excess sugar as glycogen for later use.

Step 3 - Eradicate inflammation! There are many ways to approach this. There is evidence that supplementing with vitamin C is helpful for type 2 diabetics. We believe this is due to its ability to reduce inflammation. We also HIGHLY recommend implementing a regimen of intermittent fasting which will reduce insulin levels and digestive stress in general so that the body can focus on healing. This process generally happens naturally when you are sick. You have reduced appetite, eat less, and your body redirects all efforts towards riding itself of the offending infection. We also provide an excellent anti-inflammatory garlic supplement, Cinnamuse Garlic, to this end but there are so many other food items, green teas,etc. that can help you to reduce inflammation. Incorporate these into your daily diet.

Call/message us to see how you can get started on the Cinnamuse Protocol today!

Our Product Line-Up

Our store has products that can improve your health in many ways. We offer supplements that enhance sugar metabolism, improve liver function, boost your immune system and so much more. We are the natural choice for thousands of men and women who are looking to improve their health the natural way.


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My husband has been using Cinnamuse for approximately six weeks. His last Hemoglobin A1C was over 14 back in December. He just had it checked and his new A1C reading was 7.8. We were very pleased …

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